About the Artist
Joyce was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Since she was young she was always drawn to painting, recreating nature, and drawing landscapes. She has her bachelors in biology from the University of Texas at Austin (hook em!). Joyce then pursued her post bachelors at the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy. After getting her doctorate in pharmacy and working in then community pharmacy world she reignited her passion for arts and began playing with fluid art, art resin, and silicone molds.

Joyce is first and foremost a dog mom to the three cutest doggies in the world- Daisy, Linus, and baby Sophie. Joyce loves animals and hopes to one day have an animal rescue.

About the Art
Resin is a form of fluid art. When two part epoxy is mixed together a chemical process begins. While the resin is liquid and before it cures, it can be poured onto pieces or into molds. Once cured resin has a high shine and glossy surface. 

This highly versatile material can be used to create wall art, table decor, and much more! It is even used in countertops and boats.