Floral Preservation Process

We recommend getting your flowers to us as soon as you can. As flowers age they can become brown and lose their color and shape. Fresh flowers are preferred and yield the best results. Overnight shipping is recommended if you cannot deliver them locally.
Please keep in mind that some flowers may not arrive in usable condition the longer you wait. The older the flowers are the more likely this is to be the case. We cannot fix any wilted or damaged flowers.

After your flowers get to us, your bouquet will be carefully disassembled and placed in a special drying agent. This part of the process can take up to three weeks. Fluffier flowers such as roses may need longer to dry.

Time to pick your layout! You will be presented with a few different designs to choose from.

Your flowers will now be encased in resin. We take special care during this step as even humidity and temperature can affect the outcome! The resin we use takes over a day to dry and needs to be poured in layers.
After the block is finished curing (an additional week) it will be packaged up safely and sent home to you.
If you choose to have your unused blooms returned to you, additional shipping will be applied.

Time to enjoy your Preserved Memories, forever.