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Resin by JS

Deposit for Floral Preservation

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If you have not already please fill out the form under here.

Deposits are non-refundable.

By purchasing this listing you are confirming you have read this listing and “More Info and FAQs” page in its entirety and understand the contents.


This listing is made with your flowers- for the BEST results ensure your flowers are fresh by mailing ASAP. Flowers are living organisms and can change significantly during shipping. Not mailing your flowers early enough can cause changes in color, shape, and overall condition. I will always try to salvage your flowers but please keep in mind that flowers that arrive within 4 days will ensure freshness and best results.

For an additional fee we can offer:
-color correction

Size considerations: Taller flowers (e.g., roses) may need to be made flatter to fit into trays or coasters. If you want to keep the flowers closed please choose a floral block as they can be made taller.

This entire process can take anywhere between 4 to 6 months. If you have any time constraints please let us know.


We recommend getting your flowers to us as soon as you can. As flowers age they can become brown and lose their color and shape. Fresh flowers are preferred and yield the best results. 2 day express shipping is recommended if you cannot deliver them locally.

Please keep in mind that some flowers may not arrive in usable condition the longer you wait. The older the flowers are the more likely this is to be the case. We cannot fix any wilted or damaged flowers. There is an additional fee per flower if replacements are necessary. Please enlist the help of a family member or friend so you get to enjoy your big day and ensure flowers get to us the next day.

UPS 2 day ground is our recommended carrier and shipping speed. Costs vary by distance. Shipping fees are the customer’s responsibility.

After your flowers get to us, your bouquet will be carefully disassembled and placed in a special drying agent. This part of the process can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

Color correction or replacements at an additional fee may be offered if flowers are past their peak upon arrival

Time to pick your layout! You will be presented with a few different designs to choose from.

Your flowers will now be encased in resin. We take special care during this step as even humidity and temperature can affect the outcome! The resin we use takes over a day to dry and needs to be poured in layers.

After the block is finished curing (an additional week) it will be packaged up safely and sent home to you.

If you choose to have your unused blooms returned to you, additional shipping will be applied.

Time to enjoy your preserved memories, forever.

The entire process from you mailing your flowers to receiving the finished item can be up to *two to four months*.

Some colors such as reds and pinks may darken to a purple and whites may become yellow/cream as a result of the drying process. Thin and bruised flowers can become translucent in resin. This is most noticeable on white flowers.

Flowers may also appear different once placed in resin depending on translucency, thinness of the petals, or background color used.

Color retouching is available for an additional cost.

-Non-refundable $150 deposit
-Payment 2: 50% of Remainder
-Payment 3: Remaining due upon shipping

While great care is taken in each step of the process, our products are all hand made and may have minor imperfections such as characteristic bubbles or layer lines.

All pieces should be kept out of heat and direct sunlight. Our resin is formulated with UV inhibitors to slow the process of color change. However, it should be expected that your piece will yellow. All of our pieces are made great care in a temperature and humidity controlled environment using best practices recommended by the manufacturer. Despite this, yellowing can occur spontaneously with certain layers.

Wipe and clean your pieces with a microfiber cloth and small amount of water.
Pieces should be handled with care just like any other custom artwork.

All orders are final and nonrefundable, please only place orders if you can fully commit.

We are committed to serving our clients and any interruption in the process can delay getting your final piece to you. We strongly encourage responding within a few business days. If a project is paused due to non-communication for over 2 weeks it will be paused. A pause fee will be applied to resume your project after 2 weeks.

If packages are unfortunately lost or damaged it is on the carrier. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Your packages will be sent with signature confirmation.

Please track your package from your end and call the carrier if you notice there are ANY delays. Due to the volume of flowers we receive we cannot call for delays.